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Pranamat Mini + Big Bag

Pranamat Mini + Big Bag

Color: Lavender & Lavender
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Pranamat Mini
13.38 x 17.7 in (34 × 45 cm)
Pranamat ECO Big Bag
29.13 x 17.32 x 0.39 in (74 × 44 × 1 cm)
  • Cover: 100% natural linen
  • Lotus-flower massagers: HIPS plastic. Safe for health also used in food packaging and toys.
  • Filler cover: 100% cotton
  • Mini: 95 lotus-flower massagers with 25 petals each
  • Mini: Mattress: 100% natural coconut fiber
  • Big Bag: 100% Untreated Linen

OEKO-TEX® is the gold standard in quality textile product certification

Pranamat ECO is proudly the only Massage Set globally to be fully-certified by OEKO-TEX. Just another reason to trust the industry leader in home massage.



100% linen, dyed with natural hypoallergenic dye.

Coconut fiber

Natural coconut fiber, supportive and safe.


100% natural cotton.

HIPS plastic

100% HIPS plastic, hypoallergenic and ecological, approved by the European Union.